Mobilizing Community Potential for a Post-COVID-19 Period

In these emerging exceptional circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and devastating earthquake that hit Zagreb, the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, together with its partnering civil society organizations and other stakeholders, has launched the “Community Potential” initiative. The goal of the initiative is to take a step towards mitigating the expected consequences of socio-economic changes that will arise once the pandemic is put under control. The first step is to identify existing and possible potential in local communities that may serve as a driver of change and development. The National Foundation, together with civil society organizations and other stakeholders in local communities, will undertake an analysis of the existing and possible potential of local self-government units – from the level of development of social capital, solidarity to the strength of small business, social entrepreneurship and cooperatives, after which activities for the post-pandemic period shall be prepared.

Numerous partners of the National Foundation from Croatia and abroad will partake in the implementation of this proactive initiative, which is aimed at preparing for a faster recovery from this crisis affecting the whole world, in order to MOBILIZE COMMUNITY POTENTIAL for a better and more sustainable world which we now have an opportunity to build.