National Foundation Branch Opens in Split

The opening ceremony of the National Foundation Branch in Split – which is a a component of the Department for Supporting and Monitoring the Implementation of EU Programmes at the National Foundation tasked with giving support to beneficiaries of approved grants from the ESF at the local and regional level in order to enhance the level of professionalism and effectiveness connected with the implementation of project activities focusing on end-users, the quality of approved funds usage and the influence on the social (and economic) development in the Republic of Croatia – was held on 8 May 2018.

Foundation Head Cvjetana Plavša-Matić, Minister of Labour and the Pension System Marko Pavić, MSc and Prefect of the Split-Dalmatia County Blaženo Boban greeted the attendees in their speeches.

The importance of systemic support for all beneficiaries was emphasized due to the growing potential of the European Social Fund, while Minister Pavić underlined the importance of the decentralization of support for beneficiaries through this office, which was established as a result of the observed necessity for systemic help with the application and writing of projects.

Member of Parliament Petar Škorić, Vice-Head for European Union Programs Luka Bogdan and various civil society members attended the opening of the branch.