National Foundation holding meetings with some of its grant beneficiaries

On 18 May 2016, in Zagreb, the National Foundation held the first part of meetings with the beneficiaries of the National Foundation's institutional grants, and with Centres of Knowledge for Social Development, with the aim of identifying the necessary changes within the framework of possibilities for further financing.


The above meetings were attended by 225 representatives of CSOs – beneficiaries of the National Foundation's grants, who were acquanited with the consequences of the adoption of the Regulation on the Criteria for Determining Beneficiaries and Manner of Distribution of Part of the Revenues from Games of Chance for 2016, significantly reducing the percentage (from 14.2 % to 6.88%), which in turn resulted in the funds for the National Foundation's grants being reduced by almost 52%, which is why the National Foundation will not be able to pay out the approved grants for this year in the agreed amounts.


Potential models of further support to civil society by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development were also discussed at the meetings.