The National Foundation Organizes A Two-Day Workshop For Grant Beneficiaries

The National Foundation for Civil Society Development organized a two-day workshop on supporting the implementation of projects for the beneficiaries of grants awarded under the call entitled “Supporting the Development of Partnerships between Civil Society Organizations and Higher Education Institutions for the Implementation of Academic Service Learning“ that took place at the IMPACT in Zadar from 2 to 3 May 2018. The purpose of this workshop was to empower the beneficiaries of grants so they could produce higher quality documents in connection with the implementation of projects and reporting on the implementation in order to indirectly accelerate the reporting process.

This year, the National Foundation made a breakthrough in empowering the applicants and beneficiaries of grants from the European Social Fund. Together with the usual informative workshops and workshops on implementation, applicants and beneficiaries will be given direct support in the form of training on how to apply for individual grant calls, as well as support for the implementation of projects.